Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) Worldwide, in strong terms, condems the umwantom disruptions of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), 2019 General Elective Convention by hired thugs suspected to be working in favour of some persons who are bent to impose their preferred candidates on Ijaw people.

It is a shame to see our apex Ijaw Umbrella Organization the INC, to loss so much values that mere elections to elect credible leadership to steer the affairs of Ijaw Nation could be truncated by her own people perceived to be hoodlums.

As mothers of the Ijaw Nation, who has worked closely in active activism with the elders body, we are so sad that at this time were Nigeria as a nation is at cross-roads, Ijaws are on the path of self destruction.

IWC as observers delegates to the INC 2019 Elections could give a vivid account that the whole process leading to the election was faulty and grossly abused. When patriots no longer stand the test of time to be unanimously voted based on services, but imposed on the people, there will be resistance.

IWC clearly witnessed, how hired thugs invaded the Ijaw house shortly after Women Affairs, Mrs Alali Danagogo, Organizing Secretary Amb. Sowari Maxwell Hart, Vice president 3 ,High Chief F.J Williams and Auditor General ,Taiwo Tamarau-emi Abisagbo and the Assistant Secretary, Hon. Samson Uroupa were declared returned unopposed.

How can the hoodlums defiled the heavy security network mounted and cart away ballot boxes containing votes of President, Vice President 1, Vice President 2, Secretary General, and Financial Secretary after putting off the light at the election venue. This is to show that some persons masterminded the act, and to throw the entire Ijaw Nation into darkness for selfish reasons of those preferred and anointed who were definitely losing.

As mothers of the Ijaw Nation, we implore on the necessary authorities CITRE and others involved to make all corrections and give Ijaw Nation credible leaders, to pilot the affairs of the Ijaw Nation. Nigeria is in a state of crashing and we demand our apex body to be the strength and mouth piece of our self determination struggle.

God bless IWC.
God bless the Ijaw Nation.

Comrade. Rosemary Graham-Naingba.
President. Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) Worldwide.

Comrade. Izuongere Grace Iwolo.
National Speaker. Ijaw Women Connect (IWC) Worldwide.

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