I want to commend IWC Lagos Chapter for embarking on this soul lifting visit to Kulu Orthopeadic/Maternity Home today 29th May, 2017 to donate clutches, bedspreads, mosquito nets, detergents, mats, cotton wools, spirits, Orthopeadic sticks, disinfectants, Ogogoro in kegs, bandages, drugs and other first aid items to patients both at the male and female wards, including the maternity unit.

Ijaws are blessed and gifted. If i’d not partaking in today’s Corporate Social Responsibility ‎(CSR) program embarked upon by IWC Lagos Chapter, I would not have known that Ijaw women can repair accidented broken and condemned bones. Amazing was also knowing the fact that extremely worst cases are referred to them from IGBOBI and other hospitals.

Now this is an appeal, the Ijaw woman and her team of specialists running that home needs our encouragement to enable her add value to the health system and it will showcase the cultural value of the Ijaw people in this aspect of life.

The labour unit is sickening, the male and female wards needs more equipments.

The testimonies where so encouraging, a man having gone to seven different hospitals with a broken waist, his left leg amputated from one of the hospitals his being to, was referred to Kulu Orthopeadic Home Amukoko. She treated him and today, he has being able to father three kids. Several others of such heart touching testimonies were told.

Chairman IWC Lagos Chapter, Comrade. ( Mrs) Preye Olorogun, exco and the entire members, we say thank you all for this wonderful outreach by giving life a meaning in supporting one of your own in her area of specialization.

Below are some pictures from the visit.

Alua! Nua!! Doo!!!

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